Meet the team

Our team has experience in offering companionship, dementia and palliative care across Berkshire and in the Henley and Wallingford areas.

As a team our philosophy is that everyone has the capacity to promote rather than undermine an individuals self-respect and feel its our privilege to make a positive difference by developing our unique client lead business model.

Melanie Meads, Founder

Melanie qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1986 and went on to specialise in general intensive care, and Paediatric and adult cardiac care.

She has 15 years nursing experience culminating in a senior management role, responsible for an international team of medical personnel and the delivery of excellent care under challenging circumstances.

Following a natural break in her career to raise her 3 children Melanie has started a new venture that taps into her broad skill base, in an area close to her heart.

Listen to Melanie speaking about dementia and Parkinson’s disease care here

The Q1Care Team

  • Suzanne Wilson – COO
  • Sharon Cowie-Bower, Registered Manager
  • Roland Horwood – Senior Carer
  • Samantha De’Oliviera – Senior Carer
  • Ruta Mikolaitiene – Senior Carer
  • Jane Fifield – Senior Carer
  • Chloe Maguire – Care Coordinator
  • Linda Ambrose – Personal Assistant to Melanie Meads
  • Debs Newell-Akers, The Care Hub Co-ordinator and Fundraiser

Our team of carers deliver the highest quality of care and companionship to vulnerable people enabling them to continue living independently at home and within the community.

We treat our clients with dignity, privacy and respect.

We support and value our staff through continuous training and personal development.

Here is what one of our carers has to say about working with us:

“I was firstly drawn to Q1Care’s more friendly and family orientated atmosphere, and regularly seeing the founder and the care manager out visiting clients is lovely, they’re like one big extended family . It’s a very calm and friendly place to work. The clients at Q1 have, by far, the most person centered and focused dedicated team I’ve seen in any care environment, I’ve worked in care homes and they just don’t compare. Our clients are very well looked after and their safety and that of the carers is the absolute top priority.

Other members of the team welcomed and helped me got right in and there was absolutely nothing I wanted, nor waited, for with regards to doing my job well. 

The management and office staff are very approachable, we all talk as concerned friends really, and they’re always there to lend an ear or a hand, during my first week I was always on the phone checking and asking questions but no one was ever too busy to help. 

They are very professional on procedures, safety, problems, and working etiquette, we are monitored and checked up on but it’s never an ‘added pressure’ situation. 

The main priority of all Q1 staff is to ensure each individual has what they need, what they’d like and that their personal and individual preferences, are adhered to as much as possible, this creates such a wonderful homely feel to the work as well.”

A recent independent survey of the Q1Care team highlighted the many positives of working within Q1Care from believing their role makes a positive difference to the lives of others to excellent workplace flexibility.

More detail is below – would you like to be part of our team? Contact us today opportunities@q1care.co.uk

  • 95% say they have a safe working environment
  • 96% say communication is good
  • 96% say satisfied with workplace flexibility
  • 95% satisfied with job related training
  • 91% feel an integral part of the Q1Care family
  • 95% know who to approach with any issues
  • 96% say Melanie is approachable
  • 100% say their work gives them a feeling of personal accomplishment
  • 80% say able to expand skills and learn different jobs
  • 100% believe their role enables them to make a positive difference to the lives of others
  • 80% satisfied with total benefits package


“I’ve watched Q1Care grow from a good idea into a great service. Providing thoughtful care and companionship, treating people like individuals and walking with families through difficult days is a skill. It takes knowledge and understanding, patience and expertise, compassion and talent. Q1Care have it all. Their success is based on trust and empathy, reliability and knowledge. I have been priveleged to see, first-hand, the care and attention that has gone into planning and delivering services in this very intimate and sensitive sector of the care market. Well done.”

Roy Lilley, NHS expert commentator, writer & broadcaster 2014