Live-In Care with Q1Care

A single person is available all day for your loved one. It is a good option for palliative care if someone wishes to stay at home.


Live-in Care offers many advantages as there is a familiar person living in the home.

There is a single person available all day, with a daily break, reducing the need for multiple different carers visiting over the week. This enables a professional bond to build, giving security and consistency without too many changes.

It is proven to be a strong viable alternative to residential care, enabling the client to stay in familiar surroundings, and neighbourhood, which as we age becomes increasingly important. It also provides a lower risk environment to exposure to CV-19.



Being a companion to our clients for those who need it. Nurturing emotional health and a sense of well-being takes time and attention. Encouraging connection by showing interest in their hobbies and activities. Help to keep families and friends in touch. A live in carer has the time available to really build the companionship side to care. It offers a proven and effective challenge to loneliness and isolation.

Household tasks

From cooking to cleaning to laundry. Housekeeping can be managed over the duration of the day, ensuring the clients house is always presentable and clean. With the additional time available this can become very much a joint activity, promoting the clients sense of control, involvement and independence effectively. Changing bed linin. Taking out the weekly bins.

Personal care

Bathing/showering/washing/brushing teeth and grooming, discrete incontinence assistance, choosing what they would like to wear and dressing. Helping our clients to feel fresh and ‘presentable’ for the day ahead.

Support with getting up in the mornings

This may entail creating a tempting breakfast and a cup of tea – as they like it prepared. Changing /making their bed. Ensuring the bedroom/ bathroom is left tidy for the day.

Support in the evenings

This may entail ensuring client has an evening meal and a drink. Ensuring their fluid intake is sufficient to prevent dehydration, settling them into bed safely and securing their home before leaving.


Prompting, assisting, administering. Ensuring they are not forgotten or missed. We tailor this to the client’s ability and keep their independence at the forefront when planning how best to support an individual to take their medication safely and routinely.

Additional Information


Live in care can ensure a daily routine to ensure tasks aren’t missed and it gives our clients a sense of control if we can adapt to how and when they like to do things.

We also support clients in the shorter term enabling them to regain their confidence and independence following surgery or a hospital admission. A short period of live in support can enhance a strong and full recovery. Live in care is also an option for short periods of respite, reducing the upheaval for the person needing extra help and their relatives.

Live in care may involve 2 carers being required to support during a visit, or double up care’.

The primary carer would be the live in carer who will know the client well, with support from a daily visiting carer to assist during certain times of the day. This may be required if professional medical equipment is required to support that client’s needs.

This is most commonly requested when a client has mobility restrictions, requiring hoisting or care using a hospital bed.

This can be very well organised in the privacy of a client’s home, enabling them to live a life as ‘close’ to their desired normal as possible.

We support multiple clients that require this extra support, working closely with other professionals such as community occupational therapists, physiotherapists and district nurses.

Live in care can be a good option for palliative care if someone wishes to stay at home. Staying at home, close to loved ones, family, pets and familiar surroundings can be hugely supportive when end of life support is needed. It enables the client and their loved ones to feel more in control in the privacy of their own space.

Our live in carers require a minimum of 2-3 hours break daily, to ensure they are refreshed and fit to deliver a consistently high standard of care.


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