What Is Home Care?

When care is needed there are so many choices to be made.

When care is needed there are so many choices to be made. For many years, the first place would have been family or a Care Home. At Q1Care, we believe very passionately that we can provide an excellent alternative to Care Homes and a fantastic supplement to family care.

What is Home Care?

Home Care is what is says – care at your home. Q1Care can provide high quality care in the client’s own home.

This means you or your loved ones are surrounded by their own furniture and familiar and cherished objects.

Clients do not have to face the disturbance of moving to somewhere new, and do not leave behind their established way of life, their friends and neighbours.


What are the benefits of Home Care?

Q1Care are always sensitive to the way you or your family member like to run their home and how things are done – carers will fit in with you and will pay attention to the details of your lifestyle.


We always promote independence and take a gentle approach to caring and supporting clients especially if this is their first time of having care. 

By giving care in the home, we can ensure care is given at preferred times and days and we can provide freedom of the choice for so many things such as what to eat or drink and where to have it – may be in the garden, a favourite seat or by a window.

Alongside this, we can also take care of other important things such as plants and pets.


We visit clients for all kinds of care needs – always providing companionship whatever else is needed. 

We can come to your home as little as from once a week for an hour to twenty-four-hour Live In Care. We believe that the choice of Home Care is as near to family care as we can make it.

And may also provide support for your family, giving them some rest, and allowing them to spend more quality time with you.


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