Common questions regarding Q1Care home care services.

Q - What is home care?

Home care is care in the home that is a cost-effective and desirable option enabling clients to receive help in the privacy of their own home. Companionship care enables our clients to remain independent for longer before having to move into more sheltered accommodation.

We offer companionship and discreet personal care. All staff are fully trained and deliver a sensitive and professional service.

We help our clients maintain as much independence as possible with respect to their medication and assist where required.

Clients are required to have pharmacist filled nomad packs (where medication for the day is organised in a day-by-day dispenser) rather than medication in individual bottles. Our carers will check that clients have taken their medication and provide reminders. If we ever have a concern regarding medication we will discuss as a priority with the family.

Q - Who can receive home care?
Anyone can receive home care that has the need for care, support or company; perhaps the client needs some extra support following surgery or a carer may need some respite in order to leave their charge for a few hours. When a person has become weak or is having falls; this could also be an indication for the need for home care.
Q - Why should I choose home care?

Most people wish to remain independent in their own environment, close to friends and maintaining familiar routines and lifestyle. Many people would prefer to recuperate in their own home when possible and the trauma of giving up possessions, pets and memories to move into residential care can often be hugely detrimental.

Research shows people may recover more quickly in a familiar environment after a stay in hospital and the risk of infection is greatly reduced at home.

Home care is often less expensive than some other types of care.

Q - Who pays for home care?

The majority of our clients fund their care themselves or via their families. We also work with clients who receive direct payments. We will discuss your individual requirements with you.

Q - When it comes to choosing a carer, can I be involved in the selection?

Yes. All our clients are offered the opportunity to tell us what they are looking for from their carer. We take their likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests into consideration and try to match the client to the carer as closely as possible, based on individual preferences.

Q - Will I have multiple different carers taking care of my needs?

We will strive to pair you with the ideal carer for your needs. Depending on how much care you require we may need to schedule a small but familiar team to deliver all your care requirements. We endeavour to notify you if a different carer from the person you expected will be visiting.

Q - Are your caregivers trained and vetted?

Yes, all of our caregiver’s are trained, enhanced DBS checked and fully employed by Q1Care. They are all fully indemnified to care for the vulnerable in their homes.

Q - Are your carers able to deal with dementia care?

Yes. All our carers undergo specialist training to help them help their clients cope with the symptoms of dementia.

Q - Must my doctor order home care?

Anyone can recommend home care for a client, be it in a professional capacity or by a concerned loved one or the client themselves.

Q - What must I provide in the way of accommodation and facilities?

If you require overnight or live in care we require that our carers have their own bedroom and access to bathroom facilities.

For live in carers we require basic subsistence to be provided and internet access, so the carers can complete the administrative side of their role, is also essential.

Q - Will your carers help with housework and other domestic duties?

Yes. All our carers are ensured to perform light domestic duties. Please see more information on health care at home.

Q - Will your carer help walk the dog and feed the cat?

Yes. This is certainly part of the service we offer. We recognise that household pets often play a vital role in our clients’.

Q - Will your carers help with personal care?

Yes. In addition all carers are trained to deliver safe and effective lifting and manoeuvring and are trained to work with specialist equipment, such as hoists. More information on our services can be found here

Q - Are you carers trained to cook?

Although they are not directly trained to cook they are all assessed to ensure they have a good knowledge of food hygiene and how to prepare a tasty balanced meal.

Q - How long does the process of installing a carer take?

Once a home visit has been undertaken by Q1Care, we can work quickly to find a suitable carer. We always endeavour to start as soon as a client requires us to do so. We do, however, make every effort to ensure the client and carer are well matched and that client preferences are taken into account. This can on occasion mean a short wait.

Q - Can someone visit me to answer me and my loved ones questions?

Yes. Q1Care offers free pre-evaluations to answer your questions. Our Care Manager or Managing Director can come to you to answer any questions and we do not charge for our first assessment visit.

Q - Who can I call to ask other questions that I may have?

Any member of the Q1Care team can answer your questions and our Managing Director, Melanie Meads is on hand to discuss your queries – call or email us any time on 01189 323 865 / info@q1care.co.uk

Q - Do your staff wear uniform?

We believe it is very important to offer discreet care to our clients. We do not want to advertise where a vulnerable person is living, therefore our staff wear polo shirts with our swan logo on but not full uniforms and our cars are not marked with the Q1Care brand either.

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