We would like to reassure you regarding our protocols for offering the best possible protection against the spread of Corona Virus.

All our care staff, both daily and live-in carers, are tested weekly using the PCR tests used by the NHS test and trace service. We have clear policies regarding immediate isolation of any worker found to have a positive test and support them to enable them to adhere to this ruling. We ensure that they are able to return to work once they test negative and are safe to do so.

For any of our clients who may be self-isolating we have kept in close contact to ensure they have additional support if they need it. Regular phone calls to check they are coping and to offer help such as collecting prescriptions or dropping shopping supplies to their door. We communicate their families or chosen contact to keep them informed of the situation and how things are progressing.

Our office has employed strict social distancing measures and frequent cleaning of equipment. Visitors are asked to call before visiting to keep both visitors and office staff as safe as possible.

It is in everyone’s interest that we ensure all our carers are provided with a high level of PPE protection as per Government guidelines. Our staff have had specialist and specific training in infection control and hand hygiene to ensure this equipment is used and disposed of carefully during and after each individual client visit. We have a reliable and steady supply of all the equipment we need to ensure we are working above and beyond the standards recommended by Public Health England and the CQC (our regulator). We value our vulnerable clients and need to keep our carers safe and well in order to continue delivering consistent care and support.

As key workers we have been offered the vaccination against Corona Virus and the majority of our staff have now received their first dose. This is a very positive step in the fight against the virus but will not change the way we operate and deliver our support. We will continue to employ strict infection control protocols until alternative measures are advised by the government.

We have a formal contingency plan in place with a view to minimising any disruption to the delivery of our service, should we need it.  This may include occasional changes to times and to the carers working with our clients to minimise infection risk.  Clients will be notified and we will only do this if deemed absolutely necessary.

Useful Resources

For advice on Coronavirus symptoms and prevention, please go to the NHS website or call 111. As advice changes frequently this is the safest resource to check to ensure you are getting the correct and safest up to the moment advice.

World Health Organisation (WHO) – WHO has provided useful advice for the public: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public

Age UK – For COVID-19 information and advice for older people, please see: https://www.ageuk.org.uk/information-advice/health-wellbeing/conditions-illnesses/coronavirus/