Testimonials and Case Studies

Taking the time to care – outside of the home

The majority of our work is undertaken in our client’s home environment but from time to time we work with families on some very specific needs.

The Johnstone family is a perfect example of how our flexible care solutions can make all the difference to a holiday. During the Summer of 2016 Mr. and Mrs. Johnstone travelled to Reading to visit their son. The main aim of the visit is the entire family spending quality, stress free time together – this is where we come in.

We worked with Mr. and Mrs. Johnstone and the extremely accommodating Holiday Inn, Winnersh, to ensure everything was in place for their stay.   Mrs. Johnstone has a range of health needs that require specialist equipment including hoists and slings and it was our role to hire in this equipment and have it ready, in the room for their arrival.

Mrs Johnstone requires two carers for safe and professional care delivery and we ensured we provided a team of the same two carers for the duration of her trip. This was important for continuity and also as we highly respect the dignity of all of our clients and having to get to know more than one team can be daunting.

Our carers were on hand for the couples’ arrival to the hotel and got them settled for the evening. We spent time with them to learn more about their likes and dislikes and their general routine – making them feel at ease was paramount. We visited each morning and evening of the couple’s stay and ensured we were on hand to help on departure day.

This completely bespoke care package meant no stress for the lovely couple or their son – they could simply enjoy a little holiday and spend quality time together.

Mrs. Johnstone said this about the experience of using Q1Care, “The service we get as occasional users is always excellent, from booking at the last minute to the great girls turning up on time. We encountered no problems or worries using Melanie & her brilliant team who provide an excellent & happy service, it’s almost fun!!” 



Caring for a much loved Father

Our Client

We visit this much loved Father three times a day and help with hoisting, dressing, cooking and general day-to-day requirements.

How has our care made a difference?

Our client’s daughter says “It has made a huge difference to my father, enabling him to return from hospital to live as independently as possible in his own home, this was extremely important to him. Dad is confident to ask his carers to carry out anything that he would like or needs doing, rather than picking up the phone and asking me, this in turn has made my life much easier as I work during the day.I am also confident and extremely happy with everything that the carers do for Dad and the knowledge and expertise they bring with them has proved extremely positive for him. When having to deal with the medical profession and sourcing equipment etc they have been able to advise me on areas I have no idea on and this in turn means everything we have needed, and it’s usually urgent, has been sorted very quickly.

A testimonial about the standard of care

Our client’s daughter said, “From the moment I met Raynor and Jonie to discuss care for Dad I knew that it was going to work. They listened and talked to Dad about what he was looking for, completely understood his needs and temperament and put into place a care package which suits all parties.My father has been disabled for many years and likes things done in a particular way, the carers are lovely, kind and understanding and listen to Dad and take on board his wishes, rather than doing it the way it suits them. The care he receives is wonderful and every single person who has been to help Dad has been amazing. The fact there are a small number of carers assigned to his care helps as Dad recognises everyone who visits him. If a new carer is allocated they always attend with someone Dad already knows so he always feels comfortable.


Q1 are very flexible, responsive, knowledgeable and above all very, very caring and I would highly recommend Q1Care. I truly believe they are a very special company who put people first, not only the person they are caring for but also the family members.

Robert’s Story

Our Client

Robert is in his 70s and is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia with Lewy bodies, which sadly has left him fully immobile and in need of 24 hour care. Parkinson’s as well as other health needs have left Robert confused, frightened and at times aggressive. Wife Jean is a full time carer for her husband and is the most amazing woman. A live in carer assists the couple but with two people needed at all times to attend to Robert and with rapidly declining health, the demands became too much and additional support was sought.This is where we stepped in.

Our Service

We work very flexibly with Robert and Jean as no two days are the same. We offer personal care for Robert and a respite service for Jean so that she can spend a little time each week outside the home and not feel like her only purpose is to care for her husband. We also cover the breaks needed by the live in carer ensuring that Jean is rarely in a situation where she is in sole charge of her husband’s care.We offer emotional support to Jean – our carers have become close to her and the trust that has built up is such an important part of the job we do. We listen, share, connect and talk… we care!

As Robert’s needs are so complex and don’t ‘fit’ to a schedule we offer completely flexible care. For example we have stepped in to cover times when the live-in carer was unwell and Jean needed our support. We ensured Robert was able to come home from a short stay in hospital, even though it was late at night as we knew he would be much calmer in his home environment. People need us when they need us, not according to a schedule and the fact that we ensure the team of carers who look after Robert live locally we can ensure any urgent needs are met.

Our Effect

We can’t offer a cure for Robert and we can’t alleviate all of the stress from Jean but we can make a different to their day-to-day lives. Jean knows that she can call us when she needs us and she knows that we understand Robert’s needs, a huge comfort to her.

You cheered me up

The standard of care has been very good and I have told others about your good work. I appreciate that I can vary the times and the days I have help. The care has helped me physically – shopping, short walks and given me good company.

PB, Henley-on-Thames

Julie met with my Aunt and myself and explained everything that Q1 Care could provide. In particular she was very good in understanding her needs and putting that into a care plan that gave everything she needed.

Daily visits are such a huge relief

It is such a relief to know that my brother is having help with his hygiene and personal care. Also that he is now eating at 3 separate times a day, it is fab for the family and him of course! I am very impressed with everything in the care plan and the carers are such lovely ladies. My brother is now smiling and seems much happier than he has been for years and years. So very helpful. We are very happy.

SB, Tilehurst