About Q1Care

The history behind our creation.

Homecare in South Oxfordshire and Berkshire – taking the time to care. 


Q1Care is comprised of a dedicated team of experienced carers, with experience of companionship, dementia, palliative care and homecare across the UK as well as locally now in Berkshire and Oxfordshire, including Henley and Wallingford.

Melanie Meads founded Q1Care Ltd in 2013 having spent most of her professional career in nursing and caring for the vulnerable in one form or another. She has 15 years experience in nursing, from care of the elderly to Director of Nursing in Moscow.

Melanie has always had a sense of concern for the unrepresented sectors of society – in particular the elderly or infirm.


Financial pressure on NHS and local authority budgets, coupled with communication problems in rural districts, have combined to make it problematic to offer effective care for people in their own homes, which can lead to premature and costly residence in hospitals, nursing homes and residential care homes, long before it is a necessity.

Taking advantage of the bespoke Q1Care service can help you and your loved ones to stay at home for longer. Who would not prefer this?

There is a burgeoning demand for care in the home that requires excellent standards delivered through good business practice.

Q1Care taking the time to care

Taking advantage of the bespoke Q1Care service can help you and your loved ones to stay at home for longer. Who would not prefer this?

Very often there is no cure but a relationship with someone who really cares is invaluable.

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Our Clients Include:
  • People recuperating post hospital admissions
  • Long term physically disabled adults
  • Elderly clients with related issues such as dementia or reduced sensory functions such as eyesight.

We also offer structured support for relatives caring for a family member to enable respite from the responsibilities. This brings peace of mind so they can take a real break.


Q1Care is about confronting the issue of loneliness and isolation in our local community.
  • We specialise in good, traditional companionship, support and discrete care.
  • We believe in talking with our clients and not to them. In today’s culture, services seem to solely offer care or cures, but do not seem to offer relationships.
  • We spend a lot of time with our clients.


CQC – Care Quality Comission

Care Quality Comission is the independent regulator of all health and social care services in England.

The Care Quality Commission monitors, inspects and regulates hospitals, care homes, GP surgeries, dental practices and other care services to make sure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety and publishes what it finds, including performance ratings to help people choose care.

We are proud to say we are rated GOOD by CQC. You can read the full report here.

Corporate Social Responsability

As a care company, Q1Care Ltd is committed to Social Responsibility practices in all areas of the business where possible.

The company is making an enormous effort to strengthen existing policies, create new policies and support the general attitude toward social responsibility already seen within the company; from the Managing Director down to the care staff.

We aim to be honest and transparent in all meaningful interactions to make a positive impact on clients, their loved ones, staff and the wider community.

Find our more about CSRA – www.csr-accreditation.co.uk



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