At Q1Care we understand that the ‘Care Conversation’ isn’t always easy, especially with those we hold dear. For some, the prospect of care can be a sign of failure, a loss of their independence and all that they hold close to them, the memories they have built in their own home. Below we have tried our best to help you, giving some tips advice to make the ‘Care Conversation’ go as smooth as possible, if you feel you need some more support, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Do your own research

Before you approach your loved one, make sure you have researched the options and know what you are talking about. Be confident that you can answer any question or worry that might come your way, and make sure you know who to turn to if you don’t have the answer.

Start early

Try and start discussing care as soon as possible, before it is urgently needed. You can approach the topic slowly and allow your loved one the time and space to get used to the idea of accepting care. Do try and pop into conversation regularly – don’t make every minute you have together about care but mention it enough that when it’s needed it’s not a surprise.

Think about the time and place

If possible, try and choose a time when your loved one is relaxed, and aren’t already worrying about something. Maybe over a cup of tea and their favourite slice of cake?


Listen to what your loved one has to say. What are they already struggling with? What are they worried about? Is there any support they know they’d like? Their preferences? While it may not be possible find the perfect solution that fits all their demands, it is important that everyone involved understands what their wishes are and are able to take them into consideration as much as possible.

Focus on the positives

Make sure that your loved one understands how care will help them. The right care can maintain their independence, allow them to stay right at home and as active members of their community.

Get additional support

A meeting with your GP may be beneficial to ensure that everyone has the same information and resources. You can also organise a needs assessment with your local authority to understand the financial options available to you.

If you want to understand more about how home care can help you or a loved one maintain their independence or are unsure of the benefits of care at home instead of a care home, give us a call. Q1Care offer free consultations where we can explore all the ways that we can help and the support that we offer.