Complex care is care for people with many needs often related to medical issues such as chronic illness, mobility impairment, serious continence issues, visual and hearing impairments and other issues which mean the person needs input from others in order to stay in their home.

Q1Care have delivered complex care for many years to many people.  We have lots of experience and knowledge and every one of our carers is trained to deliver Complex Care.

In our Pangbourne office we have a training facility which all carers attend to undertake their training.  We run a bespoke training programme covering first aid, medication, moving and handling, infection controls and measures and others.  Further to this we add in specialist training for complex needs such as:  PEG care, epilepsy, Neurological conditions such as MND/MS and other, specialist communications such Makaton, dementia, transfers such as banana board, sling hoist, catheter and stoma care and many others.

Carers are also able to assist with physio exercises and support for well-being such as short walks, puzzles and crosswords, moving the bed to face the garden, singing with clients and watching a well-loved tv series.

For many people simple pleasures such as being able to see the birds from

their windows or blossom on a tree makes all the difference.  Q1Care can make this and so much more part of their regular care visits.

Whilst many clients are classed as complex and may need specialist care and carer training, we also believe that all care is complex.   We believe that having the time to underst

and the intimacies needed by each client is key to providing the best and most fitting care for each person.  Attention to the small details are the real added value – they inspire confidence and comfort.

At Q1care we believe that all care is complex, whether it is care to provide companionship and meal preparation or for multiple tasks and about getting the details right!