March 2021

Q1Care A spring story

Mother’s Day

What a year we have had!  Last year we were merrily going along in early March waiting for spring and with an eye on a news story about a new strain of flu in China.  Little did we know that this would turn into the pandemic we are all too familiar with.  From 23 March 2020 we faced “lockdown” and we all wondered what that would mean for us and how long it would go on….

And so the challenges began – but as with all challenges we Brits face them head on, we pull together and we find good news.

Q1Care are no exception.  We carried on providing excellent services to many our clients and we started to work with new clients.

One such story relates to a lovely lady we managed to help get back home in time for Mother’s Day in March 2020.  Her story demonstrates what can be done in times of crisis – she had been admitted to a local hospital following a suspected stroke.  Her movement had become limited and her memory not as good as it was – but from the end of February, she was getting stronger, her health improved, and she was ready for discharge – EXCEPT – she needed a tailor-made care support package to come home with.  Something she in her 86 years had never had before.  Her daughter contacted Q1Care to ask for advice.  We made a detailed home assessment and worked up a professional care plan sensitive to building up her confidence and independence. She needed this to enable her to get home in early March – in time to share Mothering Sunday – a day she and her family wanted to be able to spend together.  Working closely with her, her family and a multidisciplinary team of community health professionals – well pulled it off. Seeing the warmth and joy they were able to share is the driving force behind the work we do every day in Q1Care.

Key to this success were so many small things – such as not rushing her, being very respectful when delivering care and encouragement of her independence.  This lady was discharged with a walking frame to help her mobilise safely round her house.  She used the frame very well – determined to keep herself safe whilst still being able to do things in her new “normal” way – eating her meals at her dining table, sitting in the conservatory by the garden, and making her own bed.  We helped her to gain confidence by safely assisting and encouraging.  A week after discharge she was able to celebrate Mothering Sunday with her daughter and grandchildren having tea and cake and chatting about old times.

The official lockdown period started the day after Mothering Sunday and things changed for everyone – all of us faced new ways of working and behaving!  Our carers were issued with and began wearing face masks, gloves, aprons and overshoes and visors.  At first this all felt so strange (although we have always used PPE it was for specific tasks rather than the norm).

For the lady in this story, her care and recovery continued safely at her home, and she had seen her family just in time before the lockdown and she kept that memory and talked about it a lot with the carers.  Q1Care were in place and able to support and care for this lady.  For many weeks, we were only people she saw.  We talk with her and her daughter regularly to make sure things are going well, we have given practical help to both mother and daughter by being able to:  help with shopping/pharmacy collections/GP appointments as well as very importantly being there to help her keep connections to the outside world and to have tea and a chat!

Q1Care aims always to assist, to be generous and respectful of the wishes of our clients and their families. We offer a range of services from 1hour daily visits to full time live In care.  Please contact us for details of how we may help with care following hospitalisation, companionship, personal care, continence care, exercises, bed care, meal preparation, assisting with medication, light household duties, assistance with pets and so much more.