The way we live in communities and families has changed over time. When I look back to the 50s and 60s you often had the same family living in one village or very close by and worked near to where they lived too. Times have ‘moved on’ and it is often the norm for families to be living in different counties or countries even! We are expected to be tech-savvy, keeping in touch via Facebook, texts or Skype but nothing can replace person to person contact.

Filling the Gap

I started Q1Care to fill the gap left when families live far apart and it’s not practical to ‘pop-in’ for a cuppa with your Mum! Due to a reduction in mobility or perhaps Dementia or Parkinson’s they were faced with a stay in hospital followed by a move to a residential care home. This frustrated me as they were capable of staying in their own home given the right level of support. They could stay in their own home, remain independent, continue to have things done the way they want them done and keep up with their friends and interests. Q1Care was born!

Q1 carers are an addition to the community, they provide care and companionship to loved ones. Our carers visit as often as needed (or live-in) and take the time to care, getting to know the person and not just treating the symptoms of their condition.

Sons and daughters are often the people who contact us because they cannot visit their loved one daily, provide the expert care needed or that important face to face contact that we all yearn for. Visits from our carers take the worry away from relatives and mean when they meet up or call it is a time to catch-up on family news, not a time filled with chores and appointments. Our visits give our clients dignity and things to talk about.

Our Community

Our team of compassionate carers not only provide care in the home, listen and have a chat but take clients out into their community – shopping, going to a group activity and accompany them to church on Sundays! We are proud to contribute to the heart of the community and be a familiar face and someone whose visit is looked forward to. However, our carers may not live in the same village and our clients will want to be kept informed of local happenings or simply share a conversation with someone. So thanks for working with us to fill the gap –  passing on local news or stopping by to say “Hello”. Together we can combat loneliness and take care of those in our community.

I’ll leave with a thought that inspires me every day, “To care for those who once cared for us is one of life’s highest honours!” 

See you for a cuppa and chat!

Melanie Meads
Founder and MD Q1Care