The Care Hub has been very busy in the last month or two.   We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped us with Dementia Action Week fundraising events.   Virgo Beauty, The Goring Grocer, The Chocolate Café, Marvellous Hair Salon and Inspirations were so generous with their time, product and service donations.

A big thanks to the rest of the Arcade businesses, the managing agents of the Arcade, the local fire service and Paul at the Village Hall for their kind support as well.   We also want to thank our financial sponsors, Virtually Coco – who jumped on board without hesitation, as well as Nexus and HIA International.

Finally, to all those who attended our events and donated to the Alzheimer’s Society – a massive thanks.   We hope you had a good week.     We will let you know in June’s issue how much was raised and who won the raffles!


National Volunteer week is 1-7 June and the Care Hub will be involved.  We definitely don’t have another massive week planned but we do have some local and national organisations we feel strongly about coming down to tell you all about themselves.  Volunteering is an amazing way to spend a few hours a week.  Whether it’s befriending someone in need, helping a neighbour with some gardening, working to raise money for the Cancer Society or selling poppies on Remembrance Day.   Come down to the Hub and see what sort of volunteer opportunities there are in your local community.

Beyond National Volunteer week,   we will be continuing to expand our social groups.  The Men Shed, seated QiGong exercise class, book club, knitting circle and carer drop in + more.   If you are interested in any of these or have a group and need a place to meet, please get in touch with us.   01491 525 639