Many people enjoy making new connections as they get older. Whether they are looking for a companion, a friend, a new love or just someone to enjoy a hobby with, it’s never too late to make new friends.

One challenge can be where to go to meet new people. You might not want to join a dating site, or going to the local pub or café on your own might feel daunting and this is where the Care Hub in Goring comes in.

The Hub has now been open for two months and is fast becoming a hive of activity for those in our community who are looking to forge new friendship and embrace new hobbies.

We chat with all of our visitors so may well know that Margaret is looking for someone to go on daily walks with, or John would love a new chess opponent! We can offer a bit of ‘match making’ and put people together who perhaps otherwise might not have met.

The groups we are setting up, from knitting to coffee mornings are a lovely way to simply while away the time with like-minded people.

“A day spent with friends is always a day well spent.”