Our Client

Robert is in his 70s and is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia with Lewy bodies, which sadly has left him fully immobile and in need of 24 hour care. Parkinson’s as well as other health needs have left Robert confused, frightened and at times aggressive. Wife Jean is a full time carer for her husband and is the most amazing woman. A live in carer assists the couple but with two people needed at all times to attend to Robert and with rapidly declining health, the demands became too much and additional support was sought.This is where we stepped in.

Our Service

We work very flexibly with Robert and Jean as no two days are the same. We offer personal care for Robert and a respite service for Jean so that she can spend a little time each week outside the home and not feel like her only purpose is to care for her husband. We also cover the breaks needed by the live in carer ensuring that Jean is rarely in a situation where she is in sole charge of her husband’s care.We offer emotional support to Jean – our carers have become close to her and the trust that has built up is such an important part of the job we do. We listen, share, connect and talk… we care!

As Robert’s needs are so complex and don’t ‘fit’ to a schedule we offer completely flexible care. For example we have stepped in to cover times when the live-in carer was unwell and Jean needed our support. We ensured Robert was able to come home from a short stay in hospital, even though it was late at night as we knew he would be much calmer in his home environment. People need us when they need us, not according to a schedule and the fact that we ensure the team of carers who look after Robert live locally we can ensure any urgent needs are met.

Our Effect

We can’t offer a cure for Robert and we can’t alleviate all of the stress from Jean but we can make a different to their day-to-day lives. Jean knows that she can call us when she needs us and she knows that we understand Robert’s needs, a huge comfort to her.