Have the hard frosts snuck up on you these past few mornings?

I know they have with me.

Imagine the thousands of elderly people who will have woken on winter mornings cold, lonely and feeling isolated because the paths were too slippery to venture out to get the morning paper. Families who employ our services can rest assured that their loved one will be cared for no matter the weather. Our daily visits to clients are a life line and we love knowing we make such a difference to people. The fear of falling is extremely prevalent with elderly people and whilst it is a rational fear, it can also become irrational and lead to increased isolation and the fear itself can become almost more of a concern than the potential fall.

Here is some advice:

– Keeping active is incredibly important. The less we move the more we struggle to move as we age. A short walk to the post box or shop is so important and if your loved one is not able to do this alone, please either walk with them or make arrangements for someone else to accompany them.


– Heap on the praise when outings are successful and continued reassurance is vital. If your loved one does slip or trip their confidence will be knocked, really work on reassuring them every (literal) step of the way.

– The fear of falling is often the cause. Fear causes one to be extremely tense and this in turn will change the gait and can cause a tumble.

– Good footwear is essential. Shoes that are well fitted and that have adequate support and grip are a must. Save the slippers for the living room and avoid slip ons when possible. Of course falls in the home can occur to so tatty old slippers that have loose soles or hanging tassles must be replaced.

Our carers work closely with the community physiotherapists in the Reading area who do an amazing job of keeping our clients active. There is always help out there if you know who to ask. We are a great starting point!

We try to keep the fear at bay with companionship and an arm to lean on.


We can’t offer cures but we can offer care …we take the time to care ……please contact us if you’d like to find out more