You may not have heard the term used before but it is becoming a widely recognised label for those of us who have children who are still living at home and are very much dependent on Mum and Dad and who also have parents entering a stage in their life where they need more care and attention. It’s you and I the forty and fifty somethings that are the ‘sandwich generation.’

There are many reasons why this group has emerged, first and foremost we are an aging population. More than 10 million people are now aged over 65 within the UK. Over half of people aged 75 and over live alone and therefore are likely to need care85.even if just in the form of regular company.

Women are having children later in life. The number of women having babies over the age of 45 has more than trebled in just over a decade and this means our aging parents need caring for at the same time as our children join Cubs, Guides, the local football team85.not to mention homework!

Official figures have also shown that the number of working mothers has reached record levels with large majorities of those with young children now going out to work. With ‘care’ still largely the mother’s role within a family, juggling a career is also added into the mix.

So just how does the sandwich generation cope?

My reality is that it’s a great deal of juggling and a fantastic support network but there are times when a helping hand is very much needed. Just to know there is someone there to lean on, someone in the same boat is a comfort! If you are reading this and are realising that you are part of the “Sandwich Generation” – rest assured you are not alone!