Homecare in Berkshire – taking the time to care. 

Q1Care is comprised of a dedicated team of experienced carers, with experience of companionship, dementia, palliative care and homecare across the UK as well as locally now in Berkshire and Oxfordshire, including Henley and Wallingford.

Melanie Meads founded Q1Care Ltd in 2013 having spent most of her professional career in nursing and caring for the vulnerable in one form or another. She has 15 years experience in nursing, from care of the elderly to Director of Nursing in Moscow.

Melanie has always had a sense of concern for the unrepresented sectors of society – in particular the elderly or infirm.

Financial pressure on NHS and local authority budgets, coupled with communication problems in rural districts, have combined to make it problematic to offer effective care for people in their own homes, which can lead to premature and costly residence in hospitals, nursing homes and residential care homes, long before it is a necessity.

Taking advantage of the bespoke Q1Care service can help you and your loved ones to stay at home for longer. Who would not prefer this?

There is a burgeoning demand for care in the home that requires excellent standards delivered through good business practice.

Our clients include:

  • People recuperating post hospital admissions
  • Long term physically disabled adults
  • Elderly clients with related issues such as dementia or reduced sensory functions such as eyesight.

We also offer structured support for relatives caring for a family member to enable respite from the responsibilities. This brings peace of mind so they can take a real break.

Q1Care is about confronting the issue of loneliness and isolation in our local community.

  • We specialise in good, traditional companionship, support and discrete care.
  • We believe in talking with our clients and not to them. In today’s culture, services seem to solely offer care or cures, but do not seem to offer relationships.
  • We spend a lot of time with our clients.

Very often there is no cure but a relationship with someone who really cares is invaluable.

“I feel excited and positive about the future of Q1Care as I know what we offer holds a standard of excellence and that we are making a positive impact on the daily lives of all our clients and their families. We will continue to strive to exceed our clients expectations and grow our excellent reputation. Myself and the whole Q1Care team are dedicated to the ethos of the company and will always go the extra mile for our clients.”

Melanie Meads, Founder Q1Care Ltd


As a care company, Q1Care Ltd is committed to Social Responsibility practices in all areas of the business where possible.

The company is making an enormous effort to strengthen existing policies, create new policies and support the general attitude toward social responsibility already seen within the company; from the Managing Director down to the care staff.

We aim to be honest and transparent in all meaningful interactions to make a positive impact on clients, their loved ones, staff and the wider community.

Find our more about CSRA – www.csr-accreditation.co.uk


Q1 are very flexible, responsive, knowledgeable and above all very, very caring and I would highly recommend Q1Care. I truly believe they are a very special company who put people first, not only the person they are caring for but also the family members



Q1Care Ltd Statement of Purpose



The aims and objectives of the organisation are as follows:

  1. To encourage clients or their representatives to participate as fully as possible in formulating their care plans and to provide access to personal files.
  2. To enable and support clients to retain their independence of thought and activity.
  3. To meet the client’s physical, emotional needs and overall well-being in a dignified way.
  4. To recognize the client’s diversity ensuring religious, cultural, racial and gender identities are respected and to request clients and their carers respect the rights of staff to the same non-discriminatory approach.
  5. To ensure that the forms of communication, language and address used are suitable for the needs of the client.
  6. To ensure that the client is always treated with dignity and respect and that they are safeguarded from the risk of abuse.
  7. To ensure that all information received in the course of carrying out our duties is treated with the utmost confidentiality and is not passed to any unauthorised persons. Records will be accurate and fit for purpose.
  8. To be respectful of the client’s personal privacy and space.
  9. To ensure that all health and safety procedures are followed at all times.
  10. To ensure that the quality of the service provided is of the highest standards possible and to use appropriate methods to achieve this.
  11. To ensure clients are provided with information concerning the services provided, and any changes to those services which may affect their well-being.

Q1Care offers a bespoke service that can help you and your loved ones to stay at home longer.

Our clients include people recuperating post hospital admission, long term physically disabled adults and elderly clients with related issues such as dementia or reduced sensory functions such as eyesight. We also offer structured support for relatives caring for a family member to enable respite from the responsibilities. This brings peace of mind so they can take a real break.

The service we offer holds a standard of excellence and that we are making a positive impact on the daily lives of all our clients and their families. We will continue to strive to exceed our client’s expectations and grow our excellent reputation. Myself, and the whole Q1Care team are dedicated to the ethos of the company and will always go the extra mile for our clients.


Q1 Care Ltd offer the highest standards of personal care, reliability and friendly service to clients, in all age groups over 18, who are living in their own homes and require help and support.
Our registration with the Care Quality Commission enables us to provide certain care under the following regulated activities as defined in the Health and Social Care Act 2008:


Our services are provided to persons in the following groups:

    1. Frail and vulnerable adults
    2. People with dementia
    3. Physical disabilities
    4. Sensory impairment
    5. Illness (including end of life care)
    6. Adults who are recovering from illness

We can offer a range of services, tailored to meet client individual needs.

Basic tasks

    1. Personal care (such as getting up and putting to bed, personal hygiene).
    2. Preparing light snacks and meals.
    3. General help (such as shopping, housework, running errands etc.)
    4. Companionship services
    5. Continence care
    6. Exercise programmes under the instruction of a physiotherapist or occupational therapist.
    7. Supporting clients with daily living tasks.
    8. Signposting and assistance with the personalisation agenda, such as individual budgets

Specialist tasks

From time to time care workers may be asked to undertake some tasks, which may be considered to be specialist.  These tasks may be undertaken following appropriate risk assessments and only after specific training.  The care worker will be trained in the procedure before undertaking the tasks with the person with care needs by a trainer with a relevant qualification, e.g. occupational therapist, speech therapist, or nurse.

Such tasks may include:

    1. Assisting with artificial feeding
    2. Catheter care – changing bags, monitoring output
    3. Tracheotomy care – oral suctioning
    4. Assistance with eye or ear drops
    5. Stoma and colostomy care – changing of bags

Care workers will not undertake tasks that require the skills and expertise of clinical professionals.  Such tasks include:

    1. Nail cutting
    2. Ear syringing
    3. Removing or replacing urinary catheters
    4. Bowel evacuations
    5. Bladder washouts
    6. Injections – involving assembling syringes, administering intravenously, controlled drugs
    7. Filling of oxygen cylinders
    8. Lifting from the floor unaided
    9. Tracheotomy care – changing bags


The service is audited and evaluated against the Health & Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010 and associated outcomes by the Care Quality Commission. We are also required to keep the CQC informed of the services we are providing.

Monitoring visits to clients are carried out on a regular basis to ensure the service continues to provide safe and appropriate care and support that both meets client needs and protects their rights. We will identify and manage risks to both clients and staff and will seek professional safety advice when required. All clients and their carer’s are asked to complete an annual satisfaction survey which together with advisory reports and information from the Care Quality Commission will be considered in order to promote continual service improvement.



1210 Parkview, Arlington Business Park, Theale, Berkshire. RG7 4TY

0118 932 3865






Melanie Meads

Managing Director

Melanie qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1986 and went on to specialise in general intensive care, and Paediatric and adult cardiac care.

She has 15 years nursing experience culminating in a senior management role, responsible for an international team of medical personnel and the delivery of excellent care under challenging circumstances.


Ian Chapman

Registered Manager

Ian Chapman has over 20 years’ experience working in the health care sector with the last 10 years working in senior management positions. He has experience and knowledge of managing services providing care to individuals with; learning disabilities, mental health disabilities, physical and clinical disabilities for vulnerable people from a range of age groups. Ian has been a registered manager previously and has in depth knowledge and experience of CQC regulations, The Care Act (2014), the Mental Capacity Act, government legislation, Health and Safety at work, the working time directive and much more.



Importance on employing staff that are fit for the job, have appropriate qualifications, skills and experience to ensure the health and welfare needs of clients are met. Staff are required to have a full interview, a full and satisfactory DBS check and may only commence employment when this has been received, together with satisfactory references. We also ensure that all staff are properly trained, and have adequate supervision and regular appraisals. The company endeavours to ensure that clients have confidence in their staff and that their service can be relied upon to provide the best quality of care.

After undergoing a rigorous selection process, including an interview, reference and DBS checks, all staff receive an induction and training programme, which includes completing The Care Certificate. Regular updating of training takes place, together with specialist training on particular topics or types of client e.g. food hygiene or those clients suffering from Dementia.



Even with the most conscientious and responsive care, it is inevitable that we will not please everyone all the time. Comments and complaints will be listened to and acted on effectively and clients will not be discriminated against for making a complaint.

The client, or his representative on his behalf, has the absolute right to comment or complain and the Complaints Policy Procedure will be used. A copy of this policy will be included in the information provided to all clients.


Q1 Care will supply clients with a copy of the organisation’s Safeguarding Policy.



Markel International Insurance Company Ltd

Date of Commencement – 5/7/2015

Date of Expiry – 4/7/2019

Amount of cover provided by this certificate is no less than £10,000,000